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Rhinoceros developed by Robert McNeel and Associates is a powerful freeform modeling tool to design architectural constructions, furniture, consumer goods, jewelry, yachts, etc. Rhino, however, lacks of one important capability: it does not allow you to specify the behavior that should occur when your 3D models are changed.

RhinoWorks is a plug-in that brings constraint-based parametric design in Rhino. A constraint specifies geometric and dimensional properties of one or more shapes. Applying constraints forces geometric bodies to change their shapes or/and position in 3D space. With RhinoWorks you obtain full parametric control of any model, including ones imported from other CAD systems. RhinoWorks significantly increases productivity of your usual design workflow.

RhinoWorks is smoothly integrated with Rhino: RhinoWorks just adds another toolbar to the familiar Rhino environment and does not limit your access to all Rhino features and commands. The best way to learn RhinoWorks consists in installing the evaluation version of the plug-in on your computer (if you do not have the Rhino license, please download a free, fully functional evaluation copy here) and repeating sample scenarios presented in our videos.

RhinoWorks is proposed for free 30-day evaluation.
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RhinoWorks is the evolution of our previous plug-ins called RhinoAssembly and RhinoDirect. Now the combined functionality is available in one plug-in. All 3dm models created with these plug-ins are correctly interpreted by RhinoWorks. For upgrade price, consult our store.

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